johnny paglino


Johnny Paglino

Trump Can Declare a State of Emergency, but He Still Can’t Build His Wall

an analysis of the law around military construction in national emergencies, and how it pertains to the wall.

On Solving the Shutdown

my thoughts on the shutdown and what would be required to prevent them for all time.

New Show Dates

5 new show dates. more on the way.

A Collection of Clowns – EP

new set of songs. click to listen.

New Dates

got a couple of new shows finalized that i can announce, more to come.

New Song – “Psalms on Contempt and Incarceration”

a song about weight loss and jesus' alcoholism. click to listen.

“The Meyerowitz Stories” – Art and Failure

a movie about eating shark and falling on your face. click to read my review.

21 – Album Release

album's on the site now. releasing new material soon.

Venice Film Festival – Day #7 – “mother!”

a film about writing poems and eating babies. click to read my review.

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